Bernardino Campi (Reggio Emilia 1521 - 1591)

1570 - The Paradise

In the painting of the dome of the lantern, God looks out from a central eye, surrounded by Cherubim, adored by saints, including on the west side, sits the King David playing the vihuela da mano

The biblical king, in figure and headgear similar to the one designed by the same author for the personage in the carved balustrade of the organ, is sitting and resting on the legs keeps the instrument of great size, with the narrowing of the body to "CC", while with the fingers of the right hand plucks the six strings (here designed simple but actually doubles) and with the left sets a chord on the keyboard, equipped with catgut keys tied. The personage to the left of the king musician covers the pegbox of the instrument, which is shown in the shape of a sickle with animal head in the preparatory drawing made ​​in 1569, preserved in the Cabinet of Drawings of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

  • Cremona – S. Sigismondo chuch, dome of the tiburio
  • 1570
  • mural painting
  • fresco
  • good
  • Vihuela da mano
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Ferrari 1974; Gregori 2000

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