Giulio Campi, Cremona, 1508 c. - 1573

1539 - King David

The Israelite king is seated and holds in his left hand, resting at his side, the great instrument drawn the front and has in the hand right the bow needed for to play it, while turns the head to the right to read a great book supported by two putti.

As in the preparatory drawing, the stringed instrument has the ellipsoidal body with sidecut at C and four protruding beaks. The soundboard has two sound holes shaped knife with two handles and a rosette fretworked near the neck, composed of hexagonal base from 6 heart-shaped petals that are joined to a central circle. The keyboard is equipped with catgut keys tied and the pegbox, which can not be seen because it is covered by the hand, here has a termination at "caulicolo" as in some pegbox sickle. The instrument has 8 strings.

  • Cremona – Church of S. Sigismondo - lunette on the counter-façade of the south transept
  • 1539
  • mural painting
  • fresco
  • good
  • Lirone da gamba
  • Ferrari 1974; Gregori 2000

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