di Amati Nicolò

1630 c. - Cello "Le Vatican"

Originally viola da gamba at six-string, it would be expanded in the upper and lower parts by Antonio Stradivari (Victor S. Fletcer 1921; John Friedrich & Bro 1921; Carl Becker & Son 1974). Soundboard in four pieces of spruce at medium vein, with decoration phytomorphic in the lower edge and two angels hovering and carrying musical instruments at the top edge. The bottom in two-piece of maple with discontinuous and varied curl, extended at the top and bottom, with painted decorations phytomorphic along the bottom and the top, from which is a coat of arms, surmounted by a bishop's miter and flanked by two dolphins. Inside, in the third highest, has the inscription: "reparé par Chanot, 1863". Ribs maple unoriginal, presumably made by Georges Chanot in Paris. Head Original, prepared for 6 strings.

  • 1630 c., Cremona
  • Antonio Stradivari
  • 74.1 cm
  • 34.2 cm
  • 22.4 cm
  • 41.9 cm
  • Anonymous
  • Emil Herrmann, Berlin, New York, Easton; Victor S. Fletcher, 1921; John Friedrich & Bro., New York, NY, 1921; Cari Becker & Son, Chicago, 1974; John & Arthur Beare, London, 2008; Peter Biddulph, London, 2014
  • Wendy Sutter
  • 1863, George Chanot, Paris
  • Formerly attributed to Girolamo Amati, it is said to have been used for liturgical music in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and in the nineteenth century restoration would be decorated by Chanot.
  • 1790, sold by Luigi Tarisio; 1810-1880, Lorillards family; 1921, N. D. Hawkins; 1974, Harriet Curtis Flower; 2008 Larry J. Rawdon; 2010, Anonymous; 2014, Current owner
  • It is registered in the iconographical archive of Jacques Français, at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; Passed by Tarisio Auction in 2014

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