di Amati Gerolamo II

1680/99 - Violin

The belly is of spruce of narrow grain opening from center to flanks. The back is one-piece of maple of faint medium curl descending to the left. The ribs are of wood similar to back. The scroll is of maple, cut on the slab, of narrow pronounced curl. The varnish is golden-brown.

  • 1680/99, Cremona
  • Nicolaus Amatus Cremonen Hieronymi Fil. ac Antonij Nepos Fecit 16**
  • 35.3 cm
  • Receipt by William H. Luff, London, February 18, 1958; Letter by William H. Luff, London, October 17, 1974
  • William H. Luff 1958
  • Sotheby's 1989; Sotheby's 1989 (III)

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