di Guadagnini Giovanni Battista

1758 - Violin

Soundboard of two pieces of spruce at medium grain, which has three cracks in the lower margin of the right lower lobe, a fracture in the left lower lobe, a crack under the effe left and another on the bottom of the eye itself. Back of one piece of maple cut on quarter, with purflings of poplar wood and painted black. Presents a crack in the upper part of the body and two holes clogged in the vicinity of the blocks. Ribs of the same wood of the back that have a small fracture in the left lobe, toward the edge of the bottom. The holes of the pegbox have been adjusted. Golden-yellow varnish.

  • 1758, Cremona
  • Joannes Baptista Guadagnini fecit Cremonae 1758
  • 35.5 cm
  • 16.55 cm
  • 10.85 cm
  • 20.2 cm
  • Mosca (RU), Collezione Statale degli Strumenti Musicali
  • Already owned by the luthier of Moscow Gheoghij Morosof, after his death was sold by his relatives to the Collection of State.
  • Gheorgij Morosov (Moscow); Russian State Collection
  • 1988, Cremona: Stradivari e i grandi liutai cremonesi dall'URSS
  • AA. VV. 1988; S. a. 2004

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