di Amati Nicolò

1660 c. - Violin

Back of two pieces of curly maple on medium curl, glued in a herringbone pattern with apex at the bottom. Original neck but with modified junction to the body.

  • 1660 c., Cremona
  • Francesco Ruggeri detto il Per / Fece in Cremona Anno 1690 (fake ?)
  • 35.9 cm
  • 17.23 cm
  • 20.7 cm
  • 2.95 cm
  • 3.1 cm
  • 3.3 cm
  • Venice (I): Istituto per l'Infanzia "S. Maria della Pietà"
  • Dendrochronological analysis of the soundboard performed by prof. Elio Corona, of the Tuscia's University, in 1990, which did not result in the precise dating of the ring more recently, that would still be running between 1636 and 1650. Radiography of the union between the handle and upper block, followed in 1990 by Carmelo Nicotra of PROCOL. Physical-acoustic, performed by Sergio Cingolani, the Galileo Galilei. Holographic interferometry, performed by Luciana Rizzi and Peter Vo, the CISE. Gas chromatographic analysis of insect powder extracted from the inside of the instrument, performed at the USL 31 of Ferrara.
  • The Commission of Experts appointed by the Conservatory "Benedetto Marcello" in Venice in 1954, composed by the luthiers Giuseppe Ornati, Marino Capicchioni, Carlo De March, Luigi Vistoli and four teachers of the conservatory, determined the falsehood of the label, and the assignment of the instrument at Cremonese master .
  • Museo Correr (Venice); Istituto per l'infanzia "S. Maria della Pietà" (Venice) 1990
  • 1937, Cremona: Mostra di Liuteria Antica Cremonese; 1990, Venezia: Estro Armonico
  • S. a. 1937; AA. VV. 1938; Primon-Tiella 1990

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