Krilov Alexander (Alessandro Crillovi)

  • Eisenach (D), 1948 - Cremona, March 30, 1999
  • Born in Eisenach (D), he graduated in violin from the Academy of Music of Moscow. In 1973 he obtained his diploma from the International School of Luthiery of Cremona: he was pupil of Pietro Sgarabotto, Francesco Bissolotti, GioBatta Morassi and Morosof. He won many contests, he was member of the juries of several luthiery competitions in URSS, Czechoslovakia and Cremona in 1985. Until 1982 he was president of the Board of Luthiery of the Ministry of Culture in URSS. He contributed to the catalogue of the exhibition “Stradivari and the luthiers of Cremona in URSS” in Cremona (1988). In Russia, he had about fifteen pupils. In 1985 he moved to Cremona, where he died. He built about 250 instruments.
  • Alessandro Crillovi / fece in Cremona 19..

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