Muncher Romedio

  • Corte de' Frati (CR), 21 luglio 1874 - Cremona, 1949
  • Alessandro's son (of Trentino origin, Flugelhorn player and deputy maestro of the band of Corte de' Frati) and Cesira Betri, was one of the first students of "Ala Ponzone" School of Art and Sculpture in Cremona, where he graduated in the carving section in 1891 and was immediately Hired as an engraver-trainer apprentice at the Via Passeggio workshop of Luigi Guastalli. From 1893 to 1896 he was a laboratory assistant (woodworking) of the "Ala Ponzone" School and opened his own carving workshop. From 1899 to 1917 he worked at the Aristide Cavalli in the "Officina Claudio Monteverdi" and was recalled to the weapons in 1917, assigned to the end of February 1919 at the Caproni Shipyards at Talledo (Milan). From 1919 he was the director of the Lutherie Bottali Roth & Pelitti of Piazza Andrea Doria in Milan, but returned to Cremona by the end of 1920, where he opened his own liuteria workshop in Via Prato (currently Via Bonomelli), working for Bottali Roth Until his closure in 1923, then producing musical instruments on his own, in which he placed his own label, except in some violins that he considered modest to sign on the inner heel of the handle. He produced about 250 violins, a dozen violas, about 25 cellos, about ten basses and a dozen guitars. He preferred the Stradivarius models of the last period and Guarneri of Jesus, but he also built Stradivarius amati models. A furniture polisher, who was eighty in the 1900's, taught him how to paint like of old luthers; For his instruments preferably used yellow-orange oil or rosary varnish, but on request also red brunette; He layed up to 20 hands, one in the winter, one day - or two - in the summer so that he would not dry completely, otherwise the next hands would not be blended together. He restored some ancient instruments, including the Amati of violinist Andrea Calamani. In 1937 he resided in via Gorizia and in 1949 was awarded a posthumous prize at the Cremona Contemporary Violin makers Competition for a quartet presented by his family.

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