Paper wrapping and 8 seals cerulean - XVIII-XIX C. (Ms. Cozio 94/4-12)

The paper parcel has an inscription consists of two different calligraphy and ink; contained 8 seals cerulean fixed slips of paper on the edges of which are fragments of textile yarns, with glued on one of them the label of 1956 with n. A-2a. The imprint on the seal has a shield Italian, inside truncated by a line bottom with five wedges and in the two camps two unidentified signs (which may very vaguely recall two fish with an open mouth of the emblem published by Hill on the title page of the their monograph of 1902). Above the shield is an oval topped by a cross, on the sides of it has the scrolls and under two branches with stem cross. The confirmation of the authenticity of the seals is very problematic, because the weapon of the decurial  Stradivari family of Cremona, to which some authors linked the luthier, is entirely different.

  • Paper, wax red lacquer, textile threads
  • (bundle) Atestati del Stradivario / Sigilli (other writing) originali / già appesi a suoi Violino dove / a cio acquistati / (writing preceding) Stradivario
  • (bundle) 11.4 x 15.5 cm; (seals) 4.6 x 5.5 cm
  • Cremona, Biblioteca Statale e Libreria Civica
  • Ms Cozio 94/4-12
  • Deposito perpetuo di Giuseppe Fiorini, 1930
  • Ignazio Alessandro Cozio Conte di Salabue 1775; Matilde Cozio Contessa di Salabue 1840; Marchese Giuseppe Rolando Dalla Valle; Paola vedova Dalla Valle; Giuseppe Fiorini 1920, Comune di Cremona 1930
  • Hill 1902; Gregori 2014; Gregori 2015

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