1400/1500 - The Madonna in Glory

The mother of God, standing in the center with the Child in her arms, is surrounded by praying angels and musicians

The instruments represented are:

Five course lute of large format with soundboard characterized by an unusual partial and dark edging, the bridge shape renaissance, rose perforated with arabesques that delineate a central eight-pointed star, a pickguard dark wood between the bridge and the rose. Marked tied keys on the keyboard.

2 fiddles at four stings, with the body provided with 4 beaks on the sides but with convex sidecuts, probably constructed in a single block of wood including the back and the pegbox plate and at leaf with pegs fixtures from above, the soundboard has holes resonance in C with the ends toward the center and a rose perforated, has no interruptions with the keyboard (without keys and nut); the bridge is very close to the trapezoid tailpiece.

4 Tenor recorders on which are not drawn the holes.

  • Cremona, Church of Sant'Abbondio, Vestibule of the Marian Shrine
  • 1400 (the end) - 1500 (inception)
  • Painting on wood
  • Oil
  • Very well
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Bonetti-Cavalcabò-Gualazzini 1937; Bandera 1990

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