Antonino De Ferrari - (Pavia ? – Cremona ?) - attributed

1400 (first half) - Coronation of the Virgin

The representation of the event sees the main characters seated within a monumental throne with Gothic architecture and flanked by six musician angels.

The instruments played by the angels are:

left from top

Bombard tenor (double-reed wooden instrument) which can be recognized by the size and by the enlargement placed along the barrel between the holes and the bell.

Portative organ, represented with a Gothic style cabinet, with the keyboard in front and the bellows behind, and the triple row of 10 metal pipes inserted between two tower supports.

Vielle 3-string guitar-shaped 3-string with leaf pegbox, fingerboard and tailpiece. The soundboard has bean-shaped sound holes and is decorated with four rhomboid inlays. The player holds a long bow in his left hand.

right from above

The color given to the instrument would make it look like wood, like the one on the left, but the absence of the swelling along the tube makes it recognize which shawm.

Lute with 4 choirs (3 double and single cantino) played with a plectrum. It has a large openwork rosette in the center of the table and a rhomboidal inlay towards the handle.

Portative gothic harp.

  • Cremona, church of St. Lucy, left apsidiole
  • 1400 (first half)
  • Mural painting
  • Fresco
  • Discreet

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