Giovanni Battista Trotti, called "il Malosso", Cremona, 1555 - Parma, 1619

1500 (the end) - Allegory on the moral pitfalls of the syphilis

To the left of the picture a courtesan plays the lute.

The lute 7 course is meticulously reproduced, with the board, the pike, the bridge, the keyboard and its fillets, the neck all blacks; the perforated rose soundboard and the pegbox too little overthrown are a bit approximate.

  • Cremona, Palazzo Comunale, Hall "della Consulta"
  • End of the sixteenth century
  • Legacy Umberto Vesconi 1972
  • 215 x 280 cm
  • Painting on canvas
  • Oil
  • Good
  • Guazzoni 2003 (II)

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