Tomaso Pombioli, Crema, 1579 - news until 1636

1600 (the first thirty years) - Concert

The painting depicts a singer accompanied by a group of musicians who play guitar, flute, violin and lute (?).

The Spanish guitar has nine strings tied to an equal number of pegs, with heart-shaped, fixtures in the palette and tied to the bridge of dark wood, with whiskers formed by incisions filled with black filler enriched with inlays of bone, such as decorations made around the hole, closed by a rosette at funnel, and top and bottom of the soundboard, which is bordered by a white and black purfling. The keyboard, with keys tied, is formed by segments of dark and light wood with engraved decorations.

The soprano recorder is recognized by the hole of the whistle and the holes on the notes of the body. In front of the flutist, laid on the table, there is a cornett.

The violin, seen from under, you appreciate the protruding boards of the soundboard and the back of the ribs decorated with geometric dark designs, the neck and the pegbox at volute with scroll and pegs with ellipsoidal tablet with bead.

The instrument at right has 16 strings for 8 course double, which would be typical for the Renaissance lute, but the soundboard bordered by a purfling black/white/black and embellished with an unusual decoration, typical of the instruments of production in southern Italy, in particular: the rosette around the hole resonance and decoration of the keyboard, which seems a bit 'too long for a lute. The lack of vision of the pagbox does not allow to resolve the doubts of classification.

  • Cremona, Museo Civico "Ala-Ponzone"
  • n. 2050
  • 1600 (the first thirty years)
  • Temporary deposit 2000
  • 159 x 210 cm
  • Painting on canvas
  • Oil
  • Good
  • Carubelli 2007

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