Giulio Campi, Cremona, 1508 c. - 1573

1500 (middle) - King David

The biblical king is depicted while he looks to his left the scene of the Resurrection of Christ painted in the central lunette of the counterfaçade. The instrument is placed on the ground between his legs, with his left hand on the keyboard, and the bow held in the right hand, resting the shoulder.

The stinged instrument has the body, partially hidden in the bottom of the shot of the painting, ellipsoidal with sidecut C and four protruding beaks, but has on the bottom, in the vicinity of the tailpiece, a further prolongation lobed closer in correspondence of the trapezoidal tailpiece. The soundboard has two sound holes shaped knife with two handles and the central perforated rosette summarily outlined with threads intersected; the bridge in stool is placed at the half of the space between the holes of resonance and the tailpiece. On the keyboard has marked catgut keys and the pegbox, just mentioned, has the form of flat cassette trefoil. The instrument seems to mount the 6-string of the bass viola da gamba.

  • Cremona – Church of St. Margherita and Pelagia, counterfaçade
  • 1500 (middle)
  • Mural painting
  • affresco
  • Middling
  • Bass of viola da gamba
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Bonetti - Cavalcabò - Gualazzini 1936; Gregori 2000

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